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Honoring the Best Medical Achievements in Central and Southeastern Europe

The International Medis Awards for Medical Research is an annual international contest for medical doctors and pharmacists who have presented or published clinical research in a specific medical field in a highly ranked scientific publication and are daily actively involved in clinical practice in institutions throughout the region.

This year we have received a record number of 207 article applications from eight countries in nine therapeutic areas. Read who are the finalists here »

The winners will be announced at the International Medis Awards 2019 Ceremony, which will be held on Tuesday, 5th November 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Timeline for the International Medis Awards 2019

SEP 30

Winners about Medis Awards

  • Jelena Vojinović
    Serbia2017 Medis Award for Rheumatology

    "Recognition of high impact scientific achievements obtained in multicentre pan-European research studies by Medis Award will encourage researchers in the region to broaden their research initiatives."

  • Tihamer Molnar
    Hungary2017 Medis Award for Anesthesiology

     "I am very grateful to Medis for the idea of rewarding scientific achievements in the CSEE region. This award encourages me along with my colleagues that we are on the right way and also stimulates further research to achieve a better outcome of our patients. Finally, it also gives hope that our work and efforts will be recognized in front of a much wider audience."

  • Aleksej Medić
    Croatia2017 Medis Award for Ophthalmology

    ''It has been a great pleasure and privilege to recive International Medis Award for Ophthalmology.

    This award will be great motivation and it will encourage and enhance my future scientific work.''

  • Klemen Dovč
    Slovenia2017 Medis Award for Pediatrics

    ''I am proud and honored for this awards, and on this occasion I would like to thank again to the entire Clinical Department for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases of the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana, as this research is a joined project of whole our whole team. I would also like to thank to the organizer for the idea and implementation of this award. I believe, that only together we can make the future of children with chronic diseases brighter.''

  • Andraž Dovnik
    Slovenia2017 Medis Award for Gynecology

    ''It is an honour to be selected for Medis international award in the field of gynaecology. This success is the result of team work and I would like to thank my co-authors and co-workers at the University Medical Centre Maribor. This award is a great recognition of our work and an encouragement for future research.''

  • Mladena Lalić-Popović
    2017 Medis Award for Pharmacy

    '’I am very honored to receive Medis Award. It is a proof that my research team is going in a right direction and that our researches add value to general medical and clinical knowledge.''

  • Mattias Mandorfer
    Austria2017 Medis Award for Gastroenterology

    ''I would like to thank Medis for supporting ambitious young scientists and highlighting the results of our research.''

  • Marina Labor
    Croatia2017 Medis Award for Pulmonology (with Allergology)

    "I'm really honoured of this award for my work and the work of my colleagues. This comes as a real boost for me as a young clinical researcher to proceed on this pathway of improving my clinical skills, expertise and science and it shows how investing knowledge, time and effort can produce meaningful results that can help both patients and community."

  • Ivan Padjen
    Croatia2017 Medis Award for Rheumatology

    "I am honored to have received the 2017 Medis Award for the field of Rheumatology. This serves as an encouragement for me and my department to continue with our research activities."

  • Veronike Rutar Gorišek
    Slovenia2017 Medis Award for Neurology

    "Medis Award contest is an original way to promote science and to motivate researches, as our brains are biologically wired to engage in reward-directed behavior. I would like to cordially thank my co-authors for their contributions to the award-winning research and invite other researches to apply for the contest - I promise you will enjoy it."

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We have compiled abstracts and quotes from the research works of the winners and finalists of the 2018 International Medis Awards.

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